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About Us

Who Are We?

WELL TECH NEXT is an online community of digital professionals, entrepreneurs and investors driving the WellTech industry. Our mission is to CONNECT innovators in this emerging space, PROMOTE the latest ventures and EDUCATE on emerging trends. We host online discussions, panels and webinars that push innovation. If you are passionate about using the latest technology breakthroughs to improve our lives, join our fast growing global community. 

What is our industry?

  WellTech is an ecosystem of technologies connected to support our purpose and pursuit of wellbeing. In this emerging market, technology has intersected with wellness to help us observe, engage and enhance our various states of wellbeing. 

New technology startups like these are on the rise, reorganizing minds, bodies, communities and space. 

The future of wellness is now, and we are it.

Who should join?

  All components of the WellTech ecosystem are welcome: entrepreneurs and investors, employees, practitioners, authors, journalists and media, wellness influencers and any industry professionals interested in innovation surrounding wellbeing. We are building an inclusive space to develop ideas and connections between the communities of the WellTech ecosystem. And we’d love for you to be part.